There’s No Better Time to Start Writing Handwritten Letters!

Image by Pezibear from Pixabay

We all remember the excitement we’d get when we’d check the mailbox and there was a letter waiting there for us. But, recently handwritten letters have become a thing of the past, a sort of lost art. Any letter, thank you note, or birthday card can be sent via email or text, and while that’s awesome, we miss getting handwritten letters. With handwritten letters, there’s a sort of personal touch to them as you pick the paper, the color ink of the pen, the envelope, and the postage stamp. Here’s why you should start writing letters.

They’re Personal

With technology, it takes a couple of seconds to send an email or message, but there’s something intimate about opening a hand-addressed letter and reading the note inside.

Relieves Stress

Writing letters can help you relieve stress and it’s calming. With all the time you spend staring at your screen typing away, it’s important to have creative outlets. They also let you momentarily slow down and the reader spends more time looking at a handwritten note because they can’t simply skim the screen.

Build Connections

There’s something more personal about handwritten letters as they take more time to write and they’re more thoughtful than simply sending an email.

More Value Than Digital Letters

Handwritten letters have physical and emotional value as you can hold them, smell them, frame them, and store them. Since they’re unexpected, they’re associated with receiving a gift, which is more meaningful.