The Yummiest Nail Trends on Instagram

In preparation for the season of quirky nail trends, Instagrammers are getting inspired by their favorite Easter foods. Here are some of the yummiest nails trending right now.

Creme Egg Nails

One of the best things about Easter is the Cadburys Creme Egg. It’s no wonder that hundreds of Instagrammers are paying tribute to the delicious chocolate egg by imitating the wrapper on their nails. The trend is as whacky as it is fabulous.

Mini Egg Nails

For a more subtle Easter-themed manicure, these mini egg nails are inspired. The pastel shades mixed with black speckles are spot on.

Rich Chocolate Nails

Chocolate-colored nails are a hit all year round but at Easter, there’s an opportunity to take things up a notch. These rich chocolate nails with a hint of tortoiseshell are totally dreamy.

Lemon Nails

Lemon nails were all the rage back in spring 2019. They were one of our favorite trends of the year, so here’s an adorable throwback to citrus nails with a fresh twist.

Oreo Nails

Who doesn’t love an oreo? These speckled cookie nails are so delicious, we’d probably get back into are old nail-biting habits.

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