The Whackiest Makeup Ideas From Our Favorite Halloween Insta Account

Sure, your annual Halloween night out might be canceled, but surely that just means you have extra incentive to create the most impressive, artistic Halloween look ever? After all, you won’t have to worry about smudging your makeup in a club or losing your props at a house party.

Here are some of our favorite Halloween makeup ideas from the @Halloweenmakeup2020.

Beauty and Brains

This costume is genius. Even though the yucky brains are horrifying, can we also take a moment to appreciate those lashes and that eyeliner perfection?

Gory Selfie

Now that’s what I call a toothy smile! Hats off to @treasuresfx for this awesome, spooky creation.

Norse Goddess

This mystical rendition of a Norse Goddess is spectacular. We love the icy colors and the entire look is ethereal.

Freaky Face Mask

This freaky face mask reverses the Halloween mask and turns this girl’s face into an illusory mask. It’s taking us a minute to get our head around this one.


Don’t you just hate it when your makeup cracks? For Halloween, why not take this annoying beauty problem to its extreme?