The Tattoo Questions You Were Too Afraid to Ask

Photo by Sabrina May on Unsplash

Getting your first tattoo can be a nerve-wracking experience and you will likely have a lot of questions before you make your appointment. You should not be embarrassed to ask your tattoo artist anything you want to know, but here are some of the most common newbie tattoo questions answered.

What is the least & most painful place to get a tattoo?

Generally, tattooing on the bone is going to be a lot more painful. Places like the elbows, ankles, and ribcage are typically painful places for a starter tattoo. Tattooing on fleshy areas like the lower back or forearm are less painful.

So… err… how much does it actually hurt?

There’s no getting around the fact that getting a tattoo can be a painful experience. It’s about the same as being poked continuously with a hot needle. After about fifteen minutes, your adrenaline will kick in and the pain will ease slightly. If you are getting a large tattoo, the pain will come and go in waves depending on the area.

How long will my tattoo take to heal?

If you have been looking after your tattoo properly, it should be totally healed in two weeks. Make sure you ask your tattoo artist on advice for proper aftercare.

Is there anything I should do or avoid before I get a tattoo?

Avoid going on a bender the night before you get your tattoo. Alcohol thins the blood which can result in more bleeding and can even affect the quality of the tattoo. Instead, drink plenty of water.

Will my tattoo still hurt after it is finished?

When your tattoo is finished, it will hurt about as much as a bad sunburn. If you can, keep your clothes from touching the area of the tattoo for the first few days. After the pain subsides, it will feel itchy. You can reduce the irritation with a moisturizer.

Am I supposed to leave my tattoo artist a tip?

It is customary to leave your tattoo artist a 20% tip if you are pleased with their work. Even for a small tattoo, 20% is standard.