The Right Way to Load a Dishwasher

How many fights have you had with family members about loading the dishwasher? Many people have their own ways to load it but that doesn’t mean they’re always right. Here’s the breakdown of how it’s supposed to be done.


Use the utensil basket or tray to load your forks, spoons, and knives. Make sure they’re not pressed to each other or they won’t be cleaned well. If you’re using the basket, put the sharp knives handle side up to avoid injuries.


Use the top rack for washing glasses. Some machines have useful stem clips you can use for loading fragile wine glasses.


Load the plates on the bottom rack and make sure there’s enough room between each two if you want them to get out sparkling clean.


Just like glasses, bowls belong to the top rack. If your dishwasher allows you to fold the clips, you can do that and lay the bowls flat.


The bottom rack can get pretty hot during the washing cycle, so it’s best to load any plastic items on the top racks.

Big Dishes

You should start with them and make sure there’s enough space to load a bigger dish without it overlapping with something else.