The Prettiest Tops for the Upcoming Summer

Spring has just started but we’re already thinking of the hot summer days and coming up with fun outfits we’ll wear when they come. This summer, cute tops will be among the hottest fashion trends so we’re bringing you some ideas right now.

Browsing through social media to look for outfit inspiration made us notice cute tops as one of the most fun trends for this year. They can be combined with jeans, pants, and skirts, which means they’re versatile and you can use one in many different outfits.

Tops range from basic to statement and there’s something for everyone. We’re sure you’re already stocked up on basics from the past few seasons, and now it’s time to see which shirts and blouses will make it to your closet next.

Are you ready to create some chic summer outfits? Find inspiration below and make your own combinations before the summer starts!

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2019, I’m ready to let you go.

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soaking up a little autumn light ✨

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