The Pineapple Christmas Tree Trend is Wonderfully Crazy

Image via hibiskissclothing/Instagram

When it comes to decorating for Christmas, most people fall into one of two groups. The first wait until December to get their decorations up and have them down in the first week of January. The second, start decorating the moment the first Christmas advert comes on TV and can’t get enough of tinsel and baubles.

While the grinches of the world might roll their eyes, we chuckle endearingly at the sudden pop up of pineapples across Instagram which people have taken to decorating like Christmas trees.

Whether you’re team tinsel of a fairy light fanatic, the possibilities are pretty much endless. A pineapple is already (sort of?) shaped like a tree so whack on some decorations and go wild.

And if you feel like taking the trend to the next level, or are missing Hawaii like this Instagrammer, you can do the reverse and dress tree up as a pineapple:

Have you tried this wonderfully bonkers trend? Share your pictures in the comments below.