The Most Popular Bedroom Wall Color Trends

If you are planning on repainting the walls in your bedroom this season, we are here to deliver the hottest color trends. For everyone out there who needs to upgrade their home decor, including some fun shades is one of the best ways. Take a look at the coolest bedroom wall color trends for this autumn.


Sage is definitely the bedroom wall color you should be opting for this autumn. It is such a perfect color for all seasons, plus it will really freshen up your space. Shades of green are very relaxing for the eyes and the brain, so that’s another advantage.


Black is never boring. It is actually so fabulous that it is one of the most popular bedroom wall colors for the season. This hue is definitely not for the light-hearted. It is so bold, that you definitely need to tone it down with the furniture.


Violet is such a happy color. According to home decor experts, this is the hue of purple you want to include in your bedroom. It will be the centerpiece in the room, without a doubt.

Shades Of Grey

The whole range of grey shades can be your choice when it comes to painting the bedroom walls.