The Most Inspiring European Cities to Live, Work and Have Fun In

Photo by Artem Sapegin on Unsplash

New technologies have brought us new possibilities for remote work – in other words, you don’t even need to be based in the same city as your company. With that in mind, many creatives are deciding to move to some of these amazing European cities as we speak. If you’re considering something similar (or just making long-term plans and wishes), see our selection of the best places to live, work and have fun in.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is certainly not the prettiest, but it’s definitely Europe’s coolest city. It’s industrial and oh so charming. Artists from around the world are attracted to its innovative design, contemporary art hubs and gourmet street food.

Copenhagen, Denmark

If you’re into bikes, amazing food and craft beer and you don’t hate having a creative job in a wonderful city with high living standard, then Copenhagen might just be for you!

Milan, Italy

Milan is a fascinating, vibrating city with centuries-old history. It’s the capital of fashion and the city of art, open and dynamic, with amazing architecture wherever you go.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Packed with incredible galleries and museums along with great food, drinks and coffee shops, Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Its relaxed and liberal style can be felt pretty much everywhere.

Dublin, Ireland

Enjoying perfect food has never been easier – Dublin has five Michelin stars restaurants. Additionally, the city offers a great fashion scene, great shopping and a rich selection of festivals. Moreover, it’s one of those cities with a “soul”.