The Most Beautiful Poetry We Found on Instagram

Instagram poetry is an unlikely phenomenon that happened with the rise of this social platform. Even though Instagram was (and still largely is) a platform for beautiful photos, young poets found their way to a big following and they don’t intend to stop. It all started with Rupi Kaur, a poet with nearly 4 million followers and two published books of poetry, and continued with many more young people who felt encouraged to try and share their own art with the world. Here are some of them.

Make Blackout Poetry

Make Blackout Poetry is an Instagram account behind the organization of the same name run by John Carroll, an artist who writes poetry and creates the visual representation for his words.

Pavana Reddy

Reddy is a young writer who traveled a lot and had to adjust to various cultures throughout her life. Migration and belonging are a big part of her art.


With over 1.3 million followers, Atticus is one of the most popular short poetry authors on Instagram. While some love him, others believe his poetry is too simple and shallow. It’s probably the controversy that makes him so popular.