The Many Uses of Cocoa Butter

You’ve probably come across cocoa butter at least once in your life in some kind of topical ointment form or cream. Your mom or bigger sister might have even used it when you were growing up. This stuff actually works! How exactly?

Cocoa butter has a delicious aroma of cocoa and is derived from the cocoa bean. This special butter is full of natural plant goodness called phytochemicals. In some cultures, the cocoa plant was also used to treat wounds and scratches while healing the new skin that grows over it. There are many ways to use cocoa butter in your everyday self-care routine.

Use It As a Salve

It’s great for a complete body moisturizing session. Use it on your eyelids, your lips, and even your shins. It has a high comedogenic content so use it sparingly on your face.

Use It In Soaps

Cocoa butter is a great ingredient for soaps for making your skin extremely soft. If you’re a budding soap maker, mix in some essential oils like ylang-ylang and orange oil with some cocoa butter to make it smell like a delicious cake!

Cook With It

You can even make delicious croissants with it! Just make sure that you’re getting the food-grade kind of cocoa butter and not the cosmetic grade. It surely will make your food rich and creamy with a hint of cocoa taste.