The Manicure Trends You Can Not Ignore

Photo by allison christine on Unsplash

In the next few months, the increase in demand for special nail art is not going to slow down. On the contrary, nail designs are becoming more meticulous, original, and bold, and therefore will also attract inspiration from different content worlds.

The trends for the coming seasons are varied and changing, from clean, classic, and effortless designs (French, straight line, or a dot near the edges) to animal prints and geometric pop art designs that take us straight back to the 80s.

Animal Prints

Tiger, turtle, zebra, cow or snake, the animal prints we are used to seeing on clothes, bags, and shoes, are coming now to our fingertips, and are one of the standout trends for the coming year! Nail look with an animal print is bold, striking, and attracts looks and reactions.

Milky white

Along with bright and prominent colors and prints, trends of soft colors and milky shades also stand out. Milky white is the ideal midpoint between a completely opaque white color and a nude hue.


Also, the autumn heralds the return of the crystal nails in different sizes, stones of different types, and glitter powders in a variety of colors.