The Internet Believes This $11 Face Mask is Acne’s Hottest New Enemy

Image via lavlis_box/Instagram

The internet reckons that the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask is a miracle worker when it comes to bad skin.

The clay mask “intensively absorbs serbum and clarifies skin pores” which is beauty talk for “clears up your spots”. The mask is made from solidified lava in Jeju island and absorbs impurities all the way down to the deepest layers.

All skin products claim to clear your skin but users actually seem convinced that the product is responsible for clearing up their acne. One Reddit user posted: “I woke up this morning and the bigger pimples had come to a head and the redness was gone, while the smaller pimples just disappeared! I used a cotton bud to swab some clay and placed it on the areas where I had acne, making sure to cover the perimeter of the whole acne.”

They added: “When I woke up the clay was still intact but the acne was not.”

Other Redditers were quick to agree that the product worked for them too. Similarl high reviews can be found on Amazon, where one verified purchaser claimed:

“I really loved this product! I was so happy to add it to my beauty routine. As someone who is obsessed with masks, I was wowed by how well this worked. I would recommend this to anyone with oily or combination skin, either as a full facial or spot treating only in problem areas. It has really made a difference in my blackheads and has prevented many breakouts!”

If you’re looking for a new product for clearer skin, you can buy the clay mask for only $11.24 here.