The First Fully-Recyclable Instant Eyeshadow Has Landed And It’s a Huge Hit

There’s no denying that applying makeup can be fun. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than taking the entire afternoon to get ready for a night out. Playing with different hairstyles and applying layers of makeup can be oddly satisfying, but sometimes there just isn’t time to mess around with eyeshadow or to get our liquid eyeliner to match perfectly on both sides.

This is what inspired the world’s first sick-on eyeshadow from the UK company Majic Beauty. At first, we were skeptical as it sounds like a product designed for kids to play around with. As it turns out, we wildly underestimated the product which allows users to apply perfect eyeshadow, as easily as putting on a sticker.

What’s more, the pigments, applicators and packaging are all fully recyclable. Majic Beauty is also a cruelty-free company and without having a palette to contend with, there’s no risk of the makeup smashing during travel.

The product is a big hit on Amazon and is totally affordable at under $10 a kit. The colors are non-toxic and totally gorgeous. It’s the easiest way to apply picture-perfect makeup in a hurry.

You can find out more and shop the collection here.