The Everlasting Flowers of Stephanie Redlinger

Every flower must grow through dirt, says the old saying. But Stephanie Redlinger’s flowers don’t abide by the rules. Made out of crepe paper, they take after their natural surroundings with the added bonus that they never wither away.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Redlinger first paper flowers were her wedding bouquet and her husband’s boutonniere. But her botanical paper art isn’t only restricted to bouquets and includes flower crowns, mushrooms, and even wild berries that look good enough to eat.

“I do copious amounts of research on my subjects both before and during the making process,” explained Redlinger on her website, “preferably by studying live plants and flowers, but also from online image searches and combing through books and magazines.”

When she isn’t crafting paper flowers, Redlinger might be found working out in the garden (naturally!), joining her husband in chasing their two young kids and our dog around the house, or reading a good SciFi book.

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