The Easiest Fabrics To Work With When You Start Out Sewing

Photo by Karly Santiago on Unsplash

Choosing the right fabric is one of the most crucial steps in making a garment. If you are just beginning your sewing career, don’t try make it harder on yourself by working with fabrics that you can’t handle yet. To get you started, stick with these fabrics and make sure your garments come out clean and just how you envisioned them.

Tightly Woven 100% Cotton

The reason why you want to work with this specific kind of cotton is that the tighter it’s woven, the less it will distort and stretch when you’re working with it.


Similar to cotton, linen will not stretch or distort when you work with it. On top of that, since linen is already a naturally wrinkly fabric, if you make any mistakes it won’t show as much. Linen will also show off any specific sewing technique or embellishment you want to add.

Solids or Small Patterns

Using solid colored fabrics or ones with small designs will help you when sewing your garment because it’ll be easier to match up the seams. Some fabrics that have a lot going on will need to line up perfectly so when you sew there aren’t any weird seams.