The Dirtiest Parts of Your Hotel Room are Revealed Here!

Photo by Paolo Nicolello on Unsplash

If your parents ever told you not to lay on the bedspread at a hotel, you might have just brushed them off and thought they were weird. But, many studies have been done about hotel cleanliness, and even at some of the top luxury hotels, the rooms that lay within them are crawling with bacteria and disgusting secrets.

The Remote

So many people use the TV on vacation, but the remote doesn’t normally get cleaned by the staff. To avoid this collection of nasty bacteria, simply bring along some wipes so you can give it a good cleaning before you sit back and enjoy your favorite show.


This is one of the grossest items on the list because you would think that pillowcases get changed along with the bed linens. However, most hotels don’t require their staff to change out pillowcases before a new guest arrives. For this reason, it’s a smart idea to bring your own so you don’t have to deal with that mess, or better yet, bring a pillow from home.


The bedspread is another bedding item that doesn’t get changed or cleaned as much as it really should be. Bedspreads are usually only washed about 4 times a year, which means you don’t want to cuddle up with it at night, so definitely take it off and throw it into the corner.