The Best Ways to Welcome Neon Vibes Into Your Home

Neon rooms will be having a major moment in 2021. If you still haven’t embraced this trend, there are many ways to welcome it into your home and make it shine.

Neon Mirrors

If you want to splash out on a single statement item, mirrors are just the thing you need. This trend has been on the rise for quite some time, and everyone will want one of these mirrors in their home in 2021.

Neon Signs

Neon-style LED light signs are pretty easy to find at home décor stores. You can find signs that spell out specific words, but they also come in many interesting shapes and in different sizes.

Neon Frame

Getting a few neon picture frames is another good way to make your room shine. You can combine them with regular frames to avoid going overboard with neon lights.

Neon Wall

You can also create a statement wall in your home using neon signs and LED lights. Just mix it up with some other details and home décor pieces so your room wouldn’t look like a light show.