The Best Ways to Make Your Jeans More Elegant

Jeans are a favorite wardrobe piece of millions of people around the world, mostly because of their versatility. They can be combined in many different outfits and can be dressed up or down, depending on what you pair them with. But are jeans too casual to be considered elegant? Most of the time they are – unless you apply these tips.

What Color?

Darker jeans are usually considered classier than light ones, but that’s not a definite rule. It’s more important to pay attention to style and fit than the color.

High Waist

High waisted jeans can look so elegant with nice blouses, tunics, kimonos, or crop tops. They should hug your hips nicely and not be too tight or too lose.

Jeans and Coat

There’s no reason you can’t wear dark wash or black jeans with your favorite fancy coat during the cold days. This can be a killer combo.


Nothing will dress your jeans up as good as a pair of elegant heels. Nice flats are also a good choice.