The Best Spring Makeup Collections

If you love makeup and trying new products, the number of new products and collections coming out every day can sometimes become overwhelming. New lipstick colors, eyeshadows, foundations, mascaras — you name it there is a new product out there. So it’s a lot easier to just stick to what you now.

But, as new spring editions are coming out and makeup companies are really trying to think outside the box and improve formulas to suit everyone, we gathered 5 new products that you shouldn’t skip.

Fenty Beauty Match Stix

Fenty Beauty’s multi-use Match Stix is more inclusive with the addition of two new dark shades; Ebony and Caviar. The stix have a cream-to-powder formula that sets in place all day.

Kiss Falscara Lengthening Kit

The latest product from Kiss is false eyelashes to be placed underneath the lash line rather than on top. They don’t require glue. There are two adhesives; one to help the lashes stick to the waterline and the other one keeps your lashes in place after application.

Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Foundation

If you’ve ever tried Tom Ford’s foundation you know you don’t ever need to try another foundation again. With all that perfection they have managed to improve their formula with the new Shade and Illuminate Foundation. It is a medium coverage foundation with a perfect matte finish.

Urban Decay Inked Brow Semi Permanent Brow Gel

This Brow Gel by Urban Decay has a slanted applicator which is perfect for drawing on your eyebrows and making them look natural. The gel is designed to stay on for a few days so you don’t have to stress each morning applying your brows.