The Best Instagram Accounts to Follow If You Love Plants

If you love gardening, plants, and good photography, you probably spend hours scrolling through Instagram and looking for more plant inspiration and tips. Here are some the most inspiring Instagram accounts that are perfect for plant lovers.


House Plant Club is the account you want to follow if you need inspiration and tips on how to create your own tropical oasis at home and take good care of your plants.


Urban Jungle Blog’s feed is the place where you’ll find some of the most beautiful indoor plant photography from across Instagram.


The Sill is an online plant shop where you can order some of the most beautiful plants for your home. But more importantly, their colorful feed is filled with charming photos and useful plant care tips that every fan will appreciate.  


Sarah K. Benning is a fiber artist who makes the most adorable hand-stitched embroideries inspired by plants and nature.


Just like the name suggests, this Instagram page is the perfect place for all cacti fans who are looking for unique photos of these beautiful plants.