The Benefits of Using Flora + Bast’s Age Adapting CBD face Serum

CBD beauty products are becoming a very popular trend. New products are coming out weekly, each with a new spin on how CBD can change your skin for the better. CBD has been known to soothe inflammatory skin diseases, like psoriasis and regulate your skin’s oil production. It can also reduce irritation and damage to your skin. Most CBD skincare products are inadequately regulated and can contain less cannabidiol than stated.

This is where Flora + Bast, a CBD based skincare and wellness brand, comes in. The company has tested all the other CBD skincare products on the market to see how they can produce a great product of their own. Their Age Adapting CBD face serum is made with three ingredients; MCTs and two types of cannabidiols (hemp seed and hemp oil).

Their serum is heavier than most serums but less greasy than an oil. You can apply to your skin under your moisturizer and can apply makeup which won’t affect the outcome.

Apply to your clean, slightly damp skin every morning and wait for it to sink in before putting on your mositurizer. As this CBD serum has no preservatives, you won’t see immediate effects like other CBD serums. You have to be patient, but after a few weeks of using this, you will see the benefits. Your skin will feel smooth and hydrated and look