The Artists Who Went Viral Thanks to Their Talent and Creativity

Image by francoisdourlen/Instagram

It’s every artist dream to become popular enough to be able to make a living from their work. Also, millions of fans around the world are not the worst thing to have. With the power of internet, it’s easier than ever to reach the audience, but it still requires talent, creativity and plenty of work. Let’s see some of the brightest examples of the artists who used this combo to skyrocket their careers.

Mitchel Wu

The American artist became wildly popular for his photos of toys. Those who’ve seen his work like to say his photos come with a soul.

Yehuda DeVir

The Israel-born artist is known for his illustrations of his wife and himself. The unique style and adorable story behind every illustration are what sets him apart from similar artist.

Francois Dourlen

This French artist blends the photos from his phone into the real world. It started out as a joke but developed into an interesting art form that combines fiction and reality.

Geert Weegen

Geert uses his phone to take pictures of wild squirrels and edits the photos later at home. He’s absolutely in love with these animals and we’re in love with his work.

Cassie Swirls

This child artist loves painting galaxies. As much as her talent is impressive, we’re even more impressed by the fact that this kid donated $750 she earned from selling her art to charity.

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A Starry Night triptych heading off to China

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Karl Fitzgerald

Karl’s drawings have many admirers. His style is realistic and a bit scary, so it may not be for everyone, but there are more than enough people out there who appreciate it.