Tess Gray’s Oil Paintings Are Awe-Inspiring

Artist Tess Gray sees painting and drawing as fundamentally the same thing. “Oil paint is the material I sketch with most naturally for landscapes, but for figures I favor dry media,” shared the British artist in an interview with Jackson’s Art. While the tended to work with acrylic as a teenager, she switched to oil later in life. “The vibrancy of the colors in oil and the texture was inimitable and I never went back,” she explains. “I just discovered an affinity with it and find it so versatile.”

But while tending to stick to one medium of choice, Gray’s subject matter changes depending on time, place, and overall mood. Some of her paintings include impressionistic landscapes while others lean towards more surreal settings. Her work itself drawn from studies from life, automatic sketching, and found images.

“I would say my practice is project-based,” says Gray, “but honestly, I tend to ascribe to the ‘I’ll paint what I want, when I want’ attitude. If a subject captivates me, or I think of a composition, I’ll go with it.” While her online presence has still some growing to do (and we recommend you show her some love!), we can’t wait to see where she’s headed.

Here are some of her recent projects: