Your Sweet Tooth Will Thank You For Following These Instagram Accounts

Image via ninagudkova/Instagram

Too much scrolling through your Instagram feed can’t be too healthy for your mind, but no one ever talks about it being bad for your stomach! Sometimes it is nice to see a gorgeous slice of cake and dream about what it would taste like in real life. Follow these pastry chef’s Instagram accounts are absolutely crave-worthy, and a little indulgence now again doesn’t hurt.


The pastries on this chef’s account are ridiculously sexy. The backdrops are often dark, perfectly showcasing all of his delectable treats. These pictures are so good it is hard to imagine that they really exist on someone’s plate.


This chef’s Instagram comes straight out of the Middle East in Dubai. What is so refreshing about this account is that you get to see Middle Eastern desserts done in such an artful, and most importantly, delicious way, but always with that over the top Dubai style.


This pastry chef is the queen of cakes, and it is not hard to tell how she got that title from her account. If you like to see the freshness of flowers and fruits combined with over the top cakes, this is the account for you.