Stunning Edible Food Art By Jolanda Stokkermans

Scrolling through photos of beautiful food arrangements is one of our favorite hobbies. And the food presentations that Jolanda Stokkermans shares on her Instagram page De Meal Prepper are not just beautiful, it’s stunning food art.

This creative mom from Koersel, Belgium, started experimenting with food only a year ago and very soon her hobby turned into incredibly realistic creations shaped like animals, famous people, or beautiful landscapes.

“When I started De Meal Prepper, it was meant to be about preparing food for several days in advance one afternoon, convenient for busy people and families,” Stokkermans said in an interview with Bored Panda. “Trying to search for nice stock photos on the Internet, I decided to make my own.”

Only when her children convinced her that her creations are too good not to be shared with other people did this creative mom started sharing her food art on Instagram.

Stokkermans said that she mostly uses vegetables, tomato sauce, natural food coloring, and spices to color the dishes. She stressed that every ingredient used for creating her art is perfectly edible, so we don’t have to worry about that.

If you love creative and colorful food art, De Meal Prepper is the perfect Instagram account for you to check out.