Stay on Top of Makeup Trends for the End of 2017

Image by sher_beauty/Instagram

As the end of the summer is approaching it’s the perfect time to start experimenting and try out some new makeup trends. Here’s what will be popular in the following months:

Soft blush

Go with colder shades and be light with the brush for the perfect effect.

Feathery Lashes

Fake, feathery lashes will give your eyes more vibrant look and deepen your look.

Brown lips

Brown is the perfect autumn lip color, isn’t it?

Blue eyeshadow

Are you ready to be bold? Blue eyeshadow is the way to go.

Bronzer as Blush

Try it out, it might look good on you.

Metallic Eyes

The metallic trend is back, but limit it to eyelids only.


Mauve is a great transitioning color to get you from summer to autumn.

Casual Red Lips

Dare to wear red lips with casual looks and outfits.

Sunset eyes

Orange is not easy to pull off, but you can combine it with some warm brown for perfect sunset effect on your eyes.