Squish-n-Chips Will Keep You Busy During Quarantine

With time on our hands and no place to go, now is the time to adopt a new hobby. Why not immerse yourself in the delightfully creative world of craft? Suitable for both children and adults, crafting is a great way to fill your time and space.

Master crafter Orawee Choedamphai will inspire you to get messy. The owner of online craft shop Squish-n-Chips, her Instagram page is filled to the brim with products designed to get you inspired. From painted paper botanicals to miniature props, and anything in between, Squish-n-Chips is dedicated to small acts of pleasure.

“I’ve been making things since I was a child because my mom was always encouraging us,” shared Choedamphai in an interview with the Etsy blog. “Even if she was just baking, she might give us a little bit of dough so we could make our own version of bread.”

Based in Bangkok, Thailand, she launched her business in July 2012, while living in Oxford, UK, and had worked from her bedroom and garden shed. “Now, I can’t not be making things, so of course,” she says, “I have lots of supplies in my studio, and after a while, I started selling them along with my own designs.”

Take a look at what she has to offer in the gallery below: