Spray on Nail Polish—How to Apply it the Right Way

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Applying nail polish sounds like something everyone should do with perfection. In reality, applying nail products uniformly is something many women only wish they could achieve. Spray on nail polish aims to change that.

With the right brand, soap, water, and a flat surface, you can apply polish uniformly and quickly on any occasion. Here is a guide to do it the right way.

Remove Old Polish

Use a polish remover and a piece of cloth to remove your old nail polish. Consider using soap and water to make the work easier. Once done, dry your nails to prepare for the new coat.

Apply a Base Coat

The base coat provides a foundation for your nail polish. Without it, the polish will wipe off within a few days. Apply the base coat like any nail polish but spreading it on your cuticles. You can always clean it off with regular polish removers. But it’s important to preserve your base coat by applying only to your nail.

Place a Protective Cover on your Table

Place a newspaper, cardboard or piece of sheet on the flat surface you will be working on. The goal is to protect your table from the spray you are about to apply all over your nails.

Spray On

Shake the paint bottle thoroughly and apply it all over your nails. Make sure to hold the can while it faces away from your face. You don’t want to inhale much of the spray. Concerning how to apply the polish, a zigzag covers wider surfaces of your nails. Don’t worry if the color spreads to your skin, Continue spraying until you cover all nails.

Leave to Dry, Paint Again

Allow the paint to dry for a few minutes. Get back to it and apply a top layer. You can also add another layer of paint to ensure it lasts longer. But don’t overdo it.

Remove Excessive Paint

After the paint dries, rinse your fingers in warm water. Use soapy water to remove the excess paint around your skin and cuticles. The polish should last two or more weeks depending on the amount applied.