“Skunk Hair” is a Surprising New Hair Trend on Instagram

The last few months have been a great time for experimenting with our hair. We’ve seen our favorite influencers go blonde, dye their hair wacky colors, and even embrace their natural greys.

Now, things just got even more unexpected with the new two-tone trend “skunk hair.” The trend is 90s inspired and definitely makes a statement. It is bold, experimental, and very grunge.


The two-tone trend takes a black full dye and adds streaks of platinum blonde/snow white. The result is a stunning 90s do that is reminiscent of well… a skunk.

Skunk hair is also a great way to go if you are trying to embrace your natural greys. The mix between natural grey and dark hair creates that gorgeous salt-and-pepper look that two-tone dreams are made of.


Celebrity Color Expert Jason Hogan says of the trend: “The skunk hair trend has been reimagined and became more mainstream after Dua Lipa started rocking the clashing combination in 2019, and Billie Eilish with her neon green roots began collecting a lot of column inches.”

Would you dare to rock skunk hair?