Simple, Quick DIY Wine Stain Remover Recipe

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Getting rid of red wine stains is a nightmare. But, when you have the right tools, it won’t be a problem. This DIY wine stain remover is natural and works amazingly fast.


This is a very basic and natural DIY wine stain remover recipe meant for both white and colored fabrics. There is only one slight difference in the ingredient list. When you are preparing it for colored fabrics you will need 1 tablespoon biodegradable liquid soap, 1 teaspoon baking soda, 4 cups cool water and 2 tablespoons hydrogen peroxide. When it comes to white fabrics, the difference is that the recipe doesn’t include 2 tablespoons hydrogen peroxide. Everything else stays the same.


Get a small bowl and mix everything together. Put some of the mixture¬†on the affected fabric and scratch it with your nails. Shortly after, the stain will turn in a blue or gray color. As time passes, it will only become lighter and lighter. Now, you should get cool water and cover the remainder of the stain with water. This is when the stain should disappear. If it’s a dry¬†stain that happened a few hours earlier, repeat the first part of the procedure with the wine stain remover.

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Some of the worst stains you can imagine happen all the time! When you least expect it, coffee, red wine or oil can delay your day tremendously! Here are some tips for stain removal the natural way! Red Wine Canberra removed by applying vinegar to the stain, then adding baking soda on top of the vinegar. Let it soak up the wine, then wipe clean after allowing the baking soda and vinegar solution to absorb. You can also use a wet towel folded a few times over the stain and apply an iron on top of the wet cloth. This acts as a steam machine on the stain. Be careful to not leave the iron on the cloth too long as this poses risk to burning the cloth. Make sure your cloth is very saturated with water. #BestD.I.Y.#RedWineStain#BakingSodaSolutions#IGClean#30YearsStrong#Blessed#AngiesGTA#JustAskAngie#PeaceOfMindEveryTime

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