Simple DIY Pore Strips For a Clear Skin

Taking proper care of your skin is of utmost importance. But you can’t always do that with store-bought products. Most of those contain an array of harmful ingredients. So, the best idea is to opt for DIY versions that are easy to make. If you’ve been experiencing blackhead problems, these DIY pore strips are worth the try.


It’s so amazing that to make these pore strips you will only need two things. The first one is 1 tablespoon good quality gelatin, while the other one is 1.5 tablespoons dairy. It can be literally any dairy product including milk, yogurt, kefir and more. The best way to go is kefir since it also contains a number of things that are great for your skin. It will leave your skin perfectly smooth, plus it will help with the healing.

How to Make it:

These are very simple pore strips since they only include two ingredients. Grab a pot and put the two things inside. Start mixing them and place the pot on low heat for the gelatin to melt. You will get an even mixture. Once you do, remove the pot from the heat and let it cool for a while. It has to be warm. Get a spatula and start putting the mixture on the critical spots on your face. Those are usually the nose and the area around, chin, forehead. Let the strips on for 15 minutes and then peel them. It’s that simple!