Signs That Show You’re on the Edge and you Should Slow Down

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

When you invest a lot of time and energy building your dream career, burnout can seem like a normal thing. You work a lot, you get tired a lot. But if you want to keep going for a long time, better learn how to prevent getting too tired and constant high levels of stress and tiredness can negatively impact your health.

Here are some clear signs that show you’re on the edge and you should slow down.

High Stress & Anxiety

You’re frequently feeling stressed out and you can’t seem to calm down.

Lack of Motivation

You’re not as motivated to do your job as before. It’s hard for you to focus and you have problems with attention.


You’re more negative and cynical and often feel cranky and in need to defend yourself.

Bad Eating and Sleeping Habits

You don’t get enough of sleep and your meals are usually in front of a computer.

Low Energy

You’re constantly tired and have no energy for daily activities.