Send Joy While Social Distancing With Sunshine Boxes

When we think of yellow, the first thing we think of is summer and the sun. But, with social distancing, it’s hard to enjoy our time outside and to stay positive. We can all use some sunshine in our lives and with sunshine boxes, you can spread joy to those that are most important to you. Sunshine boxes have been popping up all over Instagram and they’re super easy to make.

All you need is a box or package, some yellow paper, markers, and some yellow goodies to fill the box. You can add golden Oreos, lemon Larabars, Lay’s Potato chips, Butterfingers, or non-food items like candles, yellow water bottles, or lotion. The ideas are endless, but just make sure the items are yellow!

When you’re finished, leave them on your friend’s porch or mail them. We suggest sending sunshine boxes to someone who’s been having a difficult time being alone or essential workers to thank them for their bravery and hard work.

Check out these sunshine boxes below for more inspiration. Who doesn’t need a little sunshine in their lives?