Sena Runa is Crafting Amazing Paper Art That Will Take Your Breath Away

Paper is the main component of many art creations, but Sena Runa isn’t utilizing it in the same way as most of her colleagues. Instead of drawing and painting, she’s using paper to create beautifully quilled art pieces that you have to see to believe.

Sena Runa is one of the most popular paper artists in the world today, but getting there took a lot of patience and sacrifice. It took her a while to master quilling technique, and her first creations weren’t that impressive. After years of practicing her craft, this Turkish artist decided to leave her day job and do this full-time.

“Once she decided to leave the corporate world for good, she opened a new page in her life and decided to follow the passion of her life, art! She loves bringing fruitful colors to the lives of others and she enjoys spreading her joy in many places around the world,” reads Runa’s official website.

Her story is very inspiring because it’s here to remind us how important it is to believe in yourself. She’s currently living the dream and bringing color and joy into people’s lives with her artwork. Check out some more of her creations, and we’re sure they’ll do the same for you.