Scarf Wall Art is the New Trend You Need in Your Home

Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash

If you’re out of ideas for things to hang on your walls, there’s a new trend that offers a fresh perspective. Instead of hanging another print or a painting, how about you give your favorite scarf a chance?

The decorating world has been creative this year, probably because we spent more time at home and needed new ideas for making our homes look fresh and nice. Scarf art is a new trend that puts focus on textile art and makes it visible at all times. You can simply frame and hang your favorite scarf, a scarf that’s meaningful to you, or specifically get a scarf with an artsy print for this purpose.

The best scarves for framing come in a square shape. You need to steam or iron it (carefully, on low heat) so it’s not wrinkly and creased. Get some cardboard and cut it to follow the shape of the scarf but make it half an inch smaller on all sides.

Place the scarf on the cardboard, wrap the edges around it, and use tape to secure it at the back. From there it’s easy to put it in the frame of your choice and hang on the wall!