Scandinavians Know a Thing or Two about Beating Seasonal Depression

Photo by Stella Rose on Unsplash

Short and dark winter days can get a bit depressing even if you spent your summer doing all kinds of activities, so we can imagine how pessimistic we are about the be in the winter ahead of us. This year wasn’t very exciting so it’s important to prepare for the cold weather and everything it brings. Scandinavians know what it means to have long and dark winters so we can learn about battling seasonal depression from them. Here are their best tips.

Get Cozy

The coziness life philosophy was built around hygge, the Danish art of staying cozy. It’s important to keep yourself comfortable during winter in terms of clothes, food, atmosphere, smells, and company.

Staying In

You probably get to stay inside more during winter, and this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Clean your home and refresh it with the accessories you love, turn on your favorite show, and don’t worry about the temperatures outside dropping.


Cooking is a great way to feel better, especially when you do it for the people you love. Putting a meal on the table can be very satisfying, and if you have extra time, decorate the table as well.