Say Goodbye to Baggy Jeans With These Hacks

Photo by Steve Barker on Unsplash

We all know the struggle of finding the perfect pair of jeans and once we do find them, they often stretch out or lose their shape after wearing them a few times. The good news is that you don’t have to go out and look for a new pair of jeans—all you need is hot water! Here are some hacks for shrinking your jeans and getting them back to the way these used to fit.

Throw Them in the Dryer

The quickest and easiest way to shrink jeans is to throw them into the washer and dryer because heat shrinks fabric. Put the washer on the highest heat setting and when it’s time to throw them in the dryer, run a full cycle.

Wear Them in the Tub

Throw on your jeans and hop in a tub with warm water. The heat will shrink the denim and give the jeans a tighter fit. While it’s best to wear them until they dry, you can also air dry them or put them into a dryer.

Boil Them

Get a huge pot of water boiling on the stove and throw your jeans in. This will probably give you the most shrinkage of all the options. Make sure you boil the jeans for about 30 minutes and then let them air dry or put them into the dryer.

Iron Them

Denim shrinks with heat, so you can also make your jeans smaller by ironing them. If you want to shrink a certain area, this is a great way to do it.

Bring Them to a Tailor

For jeans that are way too big, you should let a tailor take them in or learn how to sew. This works best when you want to alter the size.