Save Your Old Socks with These DIY Projects!

Image by LUM3N from Pixabay

If you see your socks have a little hole in them, or you’re just tired of them, don’t throw them away! Save them for these amazing DIY projects.

Bean Bags

Turn your old socks into a game for the whole family! Take old socks and fill them halfway with pinto beans and then either sew them shut or use fabric glue to close them. Cut them so they resemble a square as best you can and then use them for all sorts of games, including corn hole!

Coffee Mug Cozy

No one wants to burn their hand on a coffee mug early in the morning, especially if you’re on the go. Instead of getting a coffee to go with a paper cozy, make your own coffee and cozy at home! Just take an old sock — a thick one works best — and cut it to be the length of your average coffee up. Slip it on whenever you need it, and you have warm coffee without burning yourself!

Swiffer Pads

Swiffers are an awesome alternative to sweeping and mopping, but the pads are super expensive and wasteful! Instead, all you have to do is take some socks — fuzzy ones work best — and cut the toes off of it. Slide it onto the head of the swiffer, and then just take it off and wash it after you use it!