Sasa Elebea’s Illustrations Will Help You Get Through Tough Times

If you’re looking for some joy and positivity, Instagram pages of artists and illustrators are a great place to turn to right now. Sasa Elebea is only one of many that are spreading positivity and kindness right now and she’s using her viral page on Instagram to do os.

Her Instagram account is currently overflowing with vibrant drawings addressing current events, and her illustrations feature some amazing advice when it comes to passing the time and preserving your mental health while going through the process of isolation.

Elebea’s real name is Sabrina Brugmann, and she’s originally from Argentina, but currently lives in Tel Aviv. She mostly focuses on writing empowering quotes on illustrations of women and feminine objects, in the hope they’ll keep people inspired and motivated.

Brugmann says she believes that “a positive way of thinking, and living a mindful life can make a huge impact on the mood.” Her illustrations make this clear, and she’s been spreading kindness and positivity long before the entire world desperately needed it – and she’s showing no signs of stopping.

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