Russian Artist Transforms Tulle Into Whimsical Embroidery Pieces

The most amazing embroidery artists are the ones who manage to elevate this art form by creating something truly unique. That’s the case with Kathrin Marchenko, who’s making her mark in the embroidery world with whimsical tulle creations.

The Russian artist describes her technique as “organized chaos” because she enjoys working with many shades of threads, and prefers focusing on the objects she’s trying to stitch instead of making sketches beforehand.

“I like to work with tulle, as it is a transparent fabric that makes embroidery visually more voluminous … I am attracted to bright saturated colors, so I often try to integrate them with harmonious colors but try not to make it too flashy,” Marchenko told Bored Panda.

Marchenko had a passion for art from a young age, but her journey as an embroidery artist started in 2015. About a year later, she also attended sewing courses and came up with the idea to use embroidery technique on tulle, drawing inspiration from some of her favorite designers, including Valentino and Elie Saab.

Fashion remains one of Marchenko’s driving forces, but she also draws inspiration from other art forms. The success and hard work of other artists is also an important driving force for Marchenko, and they’re constantly igniting her desire to create.