Ruby Silvious Transforms Teabags into Works of Art

If you’re creative enough, pretty much anything can be used as a canvas, and Ruby Silvious’ creations are a perfect example. She finds beauty in everyday objects most people would discard, including old teabags.

Most people see old, soggy, stained teabags as something that should be immediately thrown away, but not Silvious. She sees them as a blank canvas that offers endless possibilities.

Silvious became a true sensation after starting her project 363 Days of Tea, which saw her using the emptied-out tea bag as her canvas and transforming them into beautiful works of art. She draws inspiration from many different things, including nature, famous artworks, and her travels around the world.

Teabags aren’t the only seemingly mundane objects that Silvious sees as the perfect source of inspiration. She enjoys reimagining the discarded items as art and creating something entirely new with things that would end up in a trash bin in someone else’s hands.

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