Rosalia Shares the Scoop On Her M.A.C. Collaboration

Rosalia is a Spanish pop star with a major Instagram following and a whole bunch of Grammy awards. Recently, the singer-songwriter announced that she has teamed up with M.A.C on a new lipstick shade.

The new shade will be a part of M.A.C’s Viva Glam line. Rosalia has opted to make the shade a seductive Spanish red.

“I’ve always been a makeup fan and M.A.C is my favorite brand of all time,” Rosalia told Glamor. “When M.A.C got in touch with me to work on Viva Glam, I said yes instantly. First because I love the products, but mostly because Viva Glam is such an amazing project.”

Viva Glam launched 26 years ago. It has raised more than $500 million for grassroots organizations globally. Recently, they have been servicing communities affected by Covid-19.

Elsewhere in her interview with Glamor, Rosalia shared her top lipstick tip. “Overline, always,” she says. “It gives the visual illusion that your lips are bigger or your mouth looks bigger and I love that my mouth looks big!”

You can get the new Viva Glam shade here.