Repurpose Your Denim With These DIY Crafts

Denim is one of the most loved materials — we all live in our favorite pair of jeans. But, sadly there comes a time when they start to become tattered and they lose their shape. Instead of throwing these jeans away, upcycle them into storage bins, aprons, and desk supplies. All it takes is a little creativity to turn your jeans into something new. Here are five ideas for repurposing your denim.

Denim Apron

Aprons come in handy for arts and crafts, cooking, and gardening and this denim apron requires the material from your jeans, eyelets, and cotton webbing tape.

Denim Storage Bins

Put all your craft supplies in this denim storage bin. You can even make one to hold your makeup supplies, children’s toys, or a plant.

Denim Pillows

Redecorate your home with these denim pillows. You can get creative with different color denim and patterns.

Denim Corsage

With Mother’s Day and prom season coming up, try this unconventional denim corsage that will last forever.

Denim Zip Case

Store all your makeup and travel essentials in this durable denim zip case. This also makes a great case to put all your pens and pencils.