Refreshing Mocktails to Make at Home

Occasional drinking is great with friends and your partner, but sometimes drinking a lot can lower your immunity. For an alternative and refreshing option – why not try making mocktails? They’re an imitation drink that mimics the taste of alcohol without the alcohol.

Now you can sip on as many as you want without the nasty hangovers. Also, your girlfriends and friends would love these if they were served at a house party.

Mojito Mocktail

Add crushed ice or ice cubes to a tall glass, mix in some soda water. Afterward, top it with mint and a few slices of lime.

Strawberry Gin Free Mocktail

This sweet drink is perfect for the summer and for hot days. Mix in some alcohol-free gin, freshly sliced strawberries, a little bit of green/black tea and grenadine honey for sweetness. Top it by smacking some rosemary into your palm to activate its natural oils and there you have it!

Irish Coffee Mocktail

For the coffee lovers out there, this mocktail is for you. In a mason jar or tall glass, add some chocolate soda, a shot of espresso and cream to your drink. For an added flair – froth some milk in a separate cup to add on the top for aesthetic purposes. Now you’ll have a mocktail good enough to post on the gram.