Raw.tura’s Customizes Wooden Furniture to Spruce Up Your Home

If you’re looking for furniture that’s out of the ordinary, then you need to check out this Philippine custom-made furniture store. They’re not your ordinary carpenters, they’re more of a wooden luxe line that focuses on curating wooden pieces out of local woods such as narra and acacia. If you’re looking for beautiful Asian furniture, this brand will transform your living space into a tropical paradise.

Classy Furniture

Their furniture style is functional, aesthetic, and natural. They use Philippine sourced elements and wood to create timeless furniture. The looks are beautiful and they’re each a work of art on their own. So you’ll feel like you’re sitting on a piece of art every time.

Custom Design

Need a specific look for your living room? Are you going for earth tones and need a strong statement table piece? That’s where this look comes into play. If you want raw.tura to design a specific table for you, that’s definitely an option. Simply reach out to them with your designs and they’ll tailor-fit a wooden structure for your home.

Cabana Vanity Desk

This look is reminiscent of the Philippine tita’s make up the corner. Tita means aunt in tagalog and this specific set-up is where they would spend hours putting on their red lipstick and makeup. Wooden furniture has a whole new meaning, since they handcraft each piece using Philippine Wood. This one’s made from Gmelina wood, Sagura, and copper mixed with grey fabric.