Rattan Bags are a Cute Summer Staple

You’ve probably come across rattan bags at one point on Instagram. They’re a cool way to show your love for nature and all things handmade. We’re in love with the designs that the rattan bags come in – circles, buckets, and even envelope-shape.

They’re the perfect outfit accessory and people will definitely ask you where you got your unique bag. If you’re looking for more reasons to add this bag to your collection – then keep reading.


Made in Bali

A lot of the rattan bags that you see on social media today are handcrafted in Bali. They’re made by local artists and the brands reselling them focus on promoting fair trade for everyone. The handwoven bag is a story of someone who poured their love and soul into crafting it.


Unique Drying Process

After the bag is braided, weaved, and spun out of someone’s hard-working hands – the bag is later fried on a coconut fire to achieve its burnt color. If you peer closely enough at the bag and take a whiff you’ll notice the slight tinge of burnt coconuts.