What the Queen Won’t Let the Royals Eat

HRH Queen Elizabeth II. Photo by A Davidson/SHM/REX/Shutterstock (8965996t)

The new Duchess of Sussex (formerly Meghan Markle) has had a lot of rules to learn now that she’s become a member of the British royal family. There are rules about greeting others, what clothes are permitted, and even what you can eat when they’re overseas. But why so many rules? Seems like they might be there for a good reason.

You might have fantasized about a life as one of the royals, replete with the rarest and exotic foods you could imagine. But there’s a strict set of rules for the royal family when they eat out and when they’re abroad.

There is one entire group of food that royals are not permitted to indulge in when outside palace walls, and that’s shellfish. This is because shellfish spoils easily, and could lead to food poisoning.


Seeing as the Queen and the other royals have hectic schedules of public appearances and royal duties, falling ill from food poisoning would be a serious matter. Coupled with the possibility of contracting Hepatitis A from shellfish, shrimp, crabs, lobster, and clams are completely off the menu for obedient royals. But do they always obey the rules? I guess we’ll never know.