Prism Hair Is The Wild New Hair Trend We’re Obsessed With

Looking for a hair trend that stands out in a sea of platinum? Prism hair is officially the 2020 hair trend that we cannot take our eyes off. The idea of the trend is to recreate the rainbow effect of a prism. It’s for hair that dares to stand out and screams “Is it festival season yet?”

The look is created by applying colors across the hair that seamlessly flow into each other. When it’s done right, a hair flick will send passersby swooning.

The look is a bold one but that is not to say that a more subtle take on prism hair cannot be achieved. Pastel colors can be woven into blonde and silver dos so intricately that it will cause you to do a double-take.

The possibilities are literally endless. From buzzcuts to long rainbow locks, there’s a prism hairstyle for every personality type. Even if prism hair is not for you, we still recommend following #prismhair on Instragam just to see what wild rainbow dos people are coming up with. We are obsessed.