Plant Haus is Putting Floral Stained Glass on the Map

Stained glass is an incredibly underrated art form, and we’re constantly on the lookout for amazing new artists who are trying to put it on the map. Jasmine Marina Law of Plant Haus is one of them, and we’re in awe of her beautiful floral stained glass art.

Law is based in Portland, Oregon and all of her creations are one of a kind. She describes herself as someone who believes in “the notion of animism” and “the idea that all things have a spirit” and her main goal is to “capture that essence in a way that can be shared, honored, and enjoyed.”

All of her creations are made with hand-cut glass, and she uses plants and flowers to decorate them. They are pressed and preserved naturally and see very little sunlight before being used for artwork, and that’s the reason why they look so bright and colorful in Law’s photos.

The flowers and plants will lighten over time due to sun exposure, but that’s a natural process that only adds to their beauty.

In addition to wall decorations, Plant Haus also offers a wide range of jewelry, but you have to be really patient to get your hands on one of the pieces as custom orders are not available.